Co-Founder + Designer


Hello, I’m Jessica! Welcome to Allonsy Studio!

My path to starting Allonsy Studio began when I completed my degree in Web Design. I decided to leave my career in Early Childhood Education after ten years to focus on my passion for good design and  helping businesses make the most of their online presence. I have a keen eye for detail that I use to tailor each project for our clients. I love watching a project come together and enjoy the beginning stages just as much as adding the finishing touches. 

When I’m not in the office, you can find me in our garden, traveling or playing with our two dogs! We also foster dogs with local PitBull rescues and participate in adoption events. 

I am here to help you bring your brands voice to life!  Your experience is important to me. You want your brand to connect with your customers, so we make the effort to connect with you and achieve the brand and website you’ve been dreaming of!

Co-Founder + Project Manager


Hi everybody, David here!

My role at Allonsy Studio is Project Manager. I’m here to get projects started, oversee the timeline to completion and help gather everything we will need to get your project done. As a former standup comedian and a current Sales Professional, telling stories and communicating is my specialty. After the process has started, I’ll also be handling the copywriting. 

I can often be found in the office with a guitar in my lap, but you can also find my at the golf course or curating one of my collections. If you see a guy on the golf course using 1960’s clubs and still hitting it past you, its probably me!

To help you make sure your project captures the tone of your business and brand, I’ll be keeping you in the loop throughout the process. I work to make sure that everything goes smoothly with each step. I’m looking forward to finding your brands voice!

Chief Happiness Officer


Sookie takes her position as Chief Happiness Officer very seriously. When she’s not bathing in the sunlight, she moonlights as the Head of Security. Her favorite things include ice for crunching, treats and chasing her favorite ball.


March  17th (St. Patrick’s Day)



Chief Entertainment Officer


Ringo is our newest hire. We aren’t quite sure what he knows, and he’s not quite sure what he’s doing, but he sure is trying! His favorite things are walking around the neighborhood, trying to eat off everyone else’s plate and sleeping in the sun.


April 1st (April Fool’s Day)


Destroying Pillows

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